October 14, 2017

Maintaining the Pink Granite Gravel Roads at Skylands

Autumn in Maine signals several important maintenance chores at my home, Skylands.

Because winters can be rather harsh in the Northeast, I pay very close attention to the preparations made before the season’s arrival. This includes the meticulous care of the landscape, and the carriage roads that meander through the woods. Danish landscape architect, Jens Jensen, designed the grounds at Skylands for the home’s original owner, Edsel Ford, in 1925. Not only was the main house constructed out of pink granite, but the driveways and all the carriage roads were laid with the same finely crushed stone.

To preserve the pink granite gravel, which is very common on Mount Desert Island, I make sure it is removed and stored before winter every year, and then sifted and cleaned in spring before it is laid on the roads for the summer season. My outdoor grounds crew at Skylands took on the task of removing the stone this week. Here are some photos showing this fall process - enjoy.