November 10, 2017

Planting More Spring-Blooming Bulbs Around the Farm

My Bedford, New York farm is buzzing with activity this fall - television shoots, photography shoots, and lots and lots of seasonal chores.

My gardeners and outdoor grounds crew have also been hard at work planting spring-flowering bulbs. Every year, I order thousands and thousands of bulbs to add to my landscape. It’s so exciting to see the swaths of color in the garden beds after a cold, dreary winter. This season, I also ordered several thousand from Colorblends Flower Bulbs - a third generation wholesale flower merchant in nearby Bridgeport, Connecticut. Many of these bulbs were planted in the Stewartia Garden, in the tree pits under my stand of bald cypress trees, outside my Winter House kitchen, and in the sunken garden behind my Summer House. They will all look so marvelous come spring.

Here are some photos - enjoy. And don't forget to tune-in to QVC tonight at 9pm ET when I launch my skin care kits - part of my new Beauty Collection!