December 2, 2017

A Visit to the United Arab Emirates - Dubai

Now that I have grandchildren, traveling is so much more fun!

As you know, I did not celebrate a traditional Thanksgiving this year. Instead, Alexis, Jude, Truman, and I, along with our dear friend, Kevin Sharkey, spent several days in the United Arab Emirates, the Arabian Peninsula nation along the Persian Gulf. The entire trip was inspired by my grandson who wanted to see the “tallest building in the world” - currently, the Burj Khalifa. While in Dubai, we stayed at the beautiful hotel, Jumeirah Al Naseem, Among our many activities, we enjoyed a desert safari guided by Arabian Adventures - we went sand boarding, road camels, and tried many delicious foods. In addition, we visited Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE, and toured its magnificent Louvre. And of course, we took a most exciting elevator ride up the grand Burj Khalifa - both Truman and Jude were amazed with the views. It was a very packed four-days, but we had a wonderful time. I am always so thankful for memories like these.

Here is the first of three blogs from our trip, enjoy.