February 24, 2018

Norm Bloom & Son Copps Island Oysters

As many of you know, one of my favorite foods is oysters. I love serving oysters at parties out on my large porch, where guests can gather and enjoy this delicious seafood delicacy. Among my favorite suppliers is Norm Bloom & Son Copps Island Oysters - a source I’ve used for many years.

Norm Bloom & Son is a fourth generation family-owned oyster farm located in Norwalk, Connecticut - the oyster capital of the world since the 1800s. Norm founded his company in 1994, with a crew of three and one boat. Today, he has a fleet of 15-boats and a dedicated and knowledgeable crew that harvests year-round from the deep, cold, nutrient-rich Connecticut coast waters. Norm provides high quality and sustainable oysters to customers across the nation - mostly to restaurants and other large order clients.

We visited Norm Bloom & Son Copps Island Oysters not long ago. Here are some photos - enjoy.