March 24, 2018

Photos of Antarctica by My Friend, Albert Knapp, M.D.

As many of you know, I am an avid photographer and enjoy taking pictures whenever I travel.

Several weeks ago, my friends, Albert B. Knapp, M.D. and his wife, Ruth Oratz, M.D., and I, traveled to Antarctica, Earth's southernmost continent. At more than five-million square miles, Antarctica is also the fifth largest continent - twice the size of Australia. Our journey was part of a photography expedition that took us through the most beautiful ice-filled bays, harbors and straits. During our voyage, we came across breathtaking sights - giant icebergs, stunning sunsets and the most fantastic mountain ranges. We also saw a large number of diverse wildlife, including seals, countless penguins and many other sea birds.

Both Dr. Knapp and Dr. Oratz share my passion for photography - they’ve been taking nature photos for many years. Upon our return, Dr. Knapp sent me this selection of images to share with you - I know you will enjoy them.