April 5, 2018

A Guest Blog from Antarctica

Photography is about much more than recording a memory; it can also be about discovering your voice.

Last month, I shared photos of Antarctica taken by my friends, Albert B. Knapp, M.D. and his wife, Ruth Oratz, M.D. The photos were from our recent photography expedition to the South Pole organized by Digital Photo Destinations, a company that offers unique travel adventures designed to develop photography skills, and to strengthen personal vision and style. When traveling with other photographers, it's fun to share images of various sights and to see everyone's differing points of view. Digital Photo Destinations leaders, Seth Resnick and John Paul Caponigro, are two artists with very distinct styles. The duo has traveled to all seven-continents together, taking thousands and thousands of photos along the way. To this day, they are still amazed at how different their images can be. After seeing my blogs, they asked if they could also share some of their favorite photos from Antarctica - I was delighted with the idea. 

Enjoy these images from their journeys over the years and download a free copy of their book, Antarctica / Two Visions by clicking on this highlighted link