June 13, 2018

A Book Signing at Roman and Williams Guild New York

My newest and 90th book is doing so well - “Martha’s Flowers: A Practical Guide to Growing, Gathering, and Enjoying”. I hope you have your copy!

I am so thrilled with this newest title. Kevin Sharkey and I worked very hard on it. Divided by season, this book, and its many spectacular photographs, features various flowers that bloom throughout the year and offers tips for planting, maintaining and arranging them. Earlier this week, Kevin and I hosted a very special book party and signing at Roman and Williams Guild New York, a seven-thousand square-foot interior design showroom, restaurant, flower shop and library located in Manhattan's Soho district. 150-guests attended the event. We served small bites, wines from Martha Stewart Wine Co., and two themed cocktails. Faux bois planters from my collection at QVC were filled with beautiful cut blossoms and displayed alongside copies of the book. It was a most successful and enjoyable celebration for “Martha’s Flowers”.

Enjoy these photos.