July 20, 2018

Dinner at Dirt Road Farm

Summer is a great time for visiting local farms and learning how others care for their gardens and use all their wonderful produce.

Not long ago, I visited Dirt Road Farm in nearby Weston, Connecticut with my longtime special projects producer, Judy Morris, and her husband, Jim Maglione. We were invited for a lovely barn supper hosted by owners, Phoebe Cole-Smith and her husband, Mike Smith. The pair produce hand-harvested maple syrup, keep bees and laying chickens, and grow their own herbs, vegetables and fruits. Phoebe and Mike schedule these special dinner events seasonally and use a lot of their fresh, organic foods as well as those from neighboring farmsteads. I encourage you to visit the family farms where you live - it is so important to see and appreciate how much work our farmers put in to making their delicious, beautiful and very special offerings.  

Here are some photos - enjoy.