September 18, 2018

Repotting Orchids in My Greenhouse

On rainy days, when it’s more productive to work indoors, my head gardener, Ryan McCallister, keeps busy with plant maintenance inside the greenhouse.

One recent weekend, I spent several hours going through my large collection of tropical container plants and decided a group of them needed repotting, including my orchids. Ryan took on this task last week when it poured here in the Northeast. Caring for orchids is a daunting process for many, but if you take time to understand their basic needs, and have all the proper orchid care supplies, there’s no reason why they won’t continue to thrive and bloom. If an orchid appears to have outgrown its pot, its roots look to be overflowing, or if the potting material is noticeably old and soggy, it probably needs repotting.

Here are some photos to show you how we do this process - enjoy. And be sure to watch QVC today at 9am ET, 1pm ET and again at 4pm ET - I'll be on sharing lots of wonderful items from my growing collections!