October 26, 2018

My Growing Muster of Peacocks

It’s always such a joy to see my peafowl growing and thriving. They are so curious and friendly - wandering the premises and checking out all the activity.

I currently have 12-peafowl here at my Bedford, New York farm. My first ones came from Pedda Reddy, a very passionate and knowledgeable peafowl breeder and raiser in Dutchess County, New York. The younger ones were incubated and hatched here - right in my kitchen. If you follow this blog regularly, I'm sure you’ve seen glimpses of my two bright colored male “blue boys”. They love to explore. The others can often be found in their large enclosure, not far from my stables. All my adult peacocks and peahens get lots of attention from visiting friends and family. They’re all doing exceptionally well and remain active and very, very vocal.

Enjoy this update and these photos of my peafowl.