October 13, 2018

My New E-Bike from Pedego

Are you heading out for a bike ride today? Fall weekends are great for biking with friends and family. Today's bikes are a big improvement over what we rode as children. Nowadays, they are more speedy and offer a variety of different features to make two-wheel traveling easier and more comfortable.

Recently, I received two Interceptor: Platinum Edition e-bikes from Pedego, an e-bike manufacturing and retail sales company based in Irvine, California. An e-bike is a regular pedal bicycle with a battery-powered “pedal assist” - a small motor that engages and provides a little boost to help riders zip up hills or cruise over challenging terrain whenever needed. Pedego bikes can be operated manually or electrically, reaching speeds of at least 20-miles per hour. I will use one bike in East Hampton and one here at my Bedford, New York farm. I can’t wait.

Here are some photos - enjoy.