December 31, 2018

Holiday Memories: My Holidays at the Farm

I hope you all have a very safe and festive New Year's Eve. Enjoy this encore post from January 2016. I look forward to another great year ahead.

A very happy 2016 to all of you! I hope your holidays were healthy and enjoyable. I spent a very lovely Christmas and New Year’s Eve at my farm with my daughter, Alexis, her children Jude and Truman, and our good friend, Kevin Sharkey. We had fabulous homemade meals and warm, cozy nights by the fire. With above normal temperatures here in Bedford, New York, we also spent a great deal of time outdoors, enjoying nature and visits with the animals. It was a wonderful and very special holiday for me and my family. Enjoy these photos.

[albumid2 id="MSHoliday"]