January 4, 2019

Holiday Memories: Our Holiday Trip to Paris, Part Two

I hope you've had a chance to visit my Instagram page @MarthaStewart48 to see some of the great photos from this year's trip to Australia. I'll be sharing many more images on the blog very soon. In the meantime, here's one more fun post from my family's European vacation - this originally ran on January 7, 2017. 

Beautiful and historic landmarks do not come much grander than the Chateau de Versailles in France.

When the château was built, Versailles was just a small 11th century village. Today, it is a wealthy suburb about 12-miles southwest of Paris. Known simply as Versailles, it was the seat of political power in the Kingdom of France from 1682, when Louis XIV moved the royal court from Paris, until the royal family was forced to return to the capital in 1789 after the beginning of the French Revolution. I've been to Versailles several times before, but it was so wonderful to return and explore the enormous Palace and outdoor grounds with my grandchildren, Jude and Truman - they love learning and were amazed with all they saw.

Here are more photos from our holiday trip - Versailles and Paris. Enjoy.