February 20, 2019

A Visit to Mike's Organic in Stamford, Connecticut

I always enjoy learning about organic farms, stands and specialty markets - it is not only fun to see what others sell, but also very inspiring to learn how these entrepreneurs select their produce and promote sustainable farming practices.

Last week, two from my Bedford, New York farm went to nearby Stamford, Connecticut to visit Mike’s Organic, a small delivery service and warehouse shop that focuses on providing healthy and delicious foods to its clients. Under the direction of founder and owner, Mike Geller, Mike’s Organic Delivery team partners with farmers, fishermen, artisans and producers, personally picks up the products and then delivers them to hundreds of customers each week. Mike’s Organic also runs a retail market, where patrons can shop for items themselves - fresh vegetables and fruits, pastured meats, wild fish, grass fed dairy, and a large variety of organic pantry staples, prepared foods, beverages and more. I've tried many of Mike's Organic offerings, and love them all. I encourage you to visit the web site - just click on any of the highlighted links - to learn more about Mike’s passionate work.

Here are some photos - enjoy.