March 4, 2019

"Celebrity Chefs Birthright" Trip to Israel

Whenever you travel abroad, I hope you take the opportunity to taste as many different kinds of foods as possible - it's a wonderful way to learn, not only about the country’s cuisine, but also about its culture and its history.

Not long ago, our own editorial director of food, Sarah Carey, and our director of food development, Thomas Joseph, traveled to Israel for a "Celebrity Chefs Birthright" trip. The excursion was organized by culinary producer and entrepreneur Herb Karlitz, who wanted to expose some American chefs to the latest developments in the Israel food scene – new restaurants, flavorful wines, and of course, all the fresh fruits and vegetables. Sarah and Thomas joined other notable chefs, such as baker and restaurateur, Nancy Silverton, chef and TV personality, Marc Murphy, chef and restaurateur, Jonathan Waxman, chef and “Chopped” judge, Amanda Freitag, and chef and food writer, Ruth Reichl. It was a first time trip to Israel for many, and an amazing week-long experience for all.

Here is a selection of photos taken by Sarah and Thomas - enjoy. And visit their Instagram pages @sarahcarey1 and @tojo827 for more great food photos.