May 7, 2019

Blooming Daffodils Around the Farm

Brightly colored daffodils are blooming at my farm. And looking at all the white and yellow narcissi blowing in the spring breeze always makes me happy.

I started developing my long daffodil border more than a decade ago, during the first years of my farm ownership. Since then, I’ve expanded the collection along the length of one side of the property from the Summer House past the stable and down to the Japanese maple grove. I’ve also added daffodils to other garden beds and most of the tree pits around my home, including those underneath the majestic allee of pin oaks. There, I planted a variety of Narcissi named after me by Van Engelen Inc., a wholesale flower bulb company in Bantam, Connecticut. Narcissus ‘Martha Stewart’ is a Karel van der Veek hybrid with a three-inch white perianth surrounding a pale yellow cup. In full bloom, these flowers grow to about 16 to 18 inches tall and look stunning surrounded by the luscious green lawns.

Here are some cheerful photos of the daffodils around my farm - enjoy.