May 21, 2019

Flowering Azaleas at My Farm

My azaleas are putting on quite a show at my Bedford, New York farm - I hope you saw some of my photos on my Instagram page @MarthaStewart48.

Of all the shrubs that flower in spring, azaleas and tree peonies provide some of the most brilliant displays. I have them planted together in a garden just outside my Summer House, and when they bloom this time of year, they make one corner of my property erupt with spectacular color. I am also developing a new garden of azaleas by a pond at the back of one of my hay fields not far from my grove of weeping willows. Azaleas can thrive in a wide variety of growing conditions, which makes them so useful in many different landscapes. They are popularly referred to as the “royalty of the garden” - long adorned for their brightly colored flowers and evergreen foliage. Plant enthusiasts have selectively bred azaleas for years, producing thousands of different cultivars.

Enjoy these photos.