May 2, 2019

Hatching Goslings, Peachicks and Peeps

It’s always such a joy to see the animals at my farm growing and thriving - they are all so beautiful, curious and friendly.

As many of you know, I’ve had Pomeranian guard geese for many years. They keep watch over my flock of chickens. They’re also my pets. I love visiting them in their enclosure, and I appreciate their beauty and their company. In the last year, I’ve acquired two other breeds of geese - Sebastopols and Toulouse - and all are living very happily together in my large chicken yard. Over the last several weeks, I’ve also hatched six goslings, as well as one peachick and one peep. They hatched in a special incubator set-up in my Winter House kitchen. The incubator is from Brinsea, a leading manufacturer of egg incubators, hatchers and brooders for poultry, waterfowl and other birds. I am happy to report, all the youngest residents at Cantitoe Corners are doing very well.

Enjoy these photos.