August 20, 2019

Blog Memories: My Trip to Africa, Part Two

We're continuing with a selection of encore blog postings this week. Here is another blog from my family trip to Africa. It was originally published on May 20th, 2017 - enjoy.

There is so much to see in Africa - if you've never been on a safari, I encourage you to make the trip!

In March, Alexis, Jude, Truman, and I, along with our dear friend, Kevin Sharkey, spent nearly two-weeks on a wildlife safari in Africa. We stayed at several camps and saw a great number of beautiful animals - lions, elephants, hippos, hyenas, and the striking kudu. My grandchildren loved every moment and were so enthusiastic, but my daughter, Alexis, enjoyed it the most - she was so captivated by all the animals. It was such a wonderful journey.

Here are some of the amazing images highlighting the magnificent creatures we saw. These photos were taken by Marlon du Toit, our guide and master photographer from Wild Eye photographic safaris. Enjoy.