September 19, 2019

Beautiful Dahlia Arrangements from My Garden

My home is filled with gorgeous, bright, and colorful dahlia blooms - I just love them all.

As you know, we planted our first all-dahlia garden this year at my Bedford, New York farm. Many of you have seen some of the photos on my Instagram page @MarthaStewart48. The garden was planted in June and through the summer, we all watched its progression. By late August, we had many beautiful dahlias with flowers ranging from small to giant dinner plate size. Some of the dahlia tubers are from Floret, a family farm and floral design studio in the State of Washington that specializes in organic, handcrafted arrangements for special events. Others came from Brent and Becky’s, a family-owned farm and garden in Gloucester, Virginia. And this week when the garden was at its peak, we cut a variety of dahlias to make several cheerful arrangements.

Enjoy these photos.