November 22, 2019

Harvesting Black Walnuts at My Farm

Here at my Bedford, New York farm, we’re still enjoying some of the last harvests of the season.

Over the past several weeks, my gardeners have picked many wonderful autumn crops, such as radishes, leeks, turnips, carrots, parsnips, and celeriac. This year, we also picked a few Osage oranges, Macular pomifera - those warty, wrinkly fruits commonly known as hedge apples, horse apples, or bodarks. And, we harvested a good amount of black walnuts from a large tree growing near my pond. Black walnuts are the wild walnuts native to North America and related to hickory nuts and butternuts. They have thicker, harder shells than the English walnuts traditionally found in stores, but they also have a richer, bolder, earthier flavor.

Enjoy these photos.