November 20, 2019

New RAMM Hay Feeders for My Horses

Hay is an important part of every horse's diet, and my Friesians, donkeys, and Fell pony depend on me to provide them with the best quality hay possible.

It is also crucial that we monitor the amount of hay the horses consume, so they don’t become overweight or develop digestion issues. My stable crew is very mindful of the horses’ hay intake. This week, we installed new galvanized wall mounted horse feeders in the stalls. They’re from RAMM Horse Fencing & Stalls, a 30-year old family-owned business located in Swanton, Ohio. These feeders hold up to two flakes of hay each - hay I grew right here at my farm. The feeders are beautifully crafted, durable and can be mounted at any height for easy access. 

Here are some photos, enjoy.