January 8, 2020

A Guest Blog from Ari Katz on His New Birdcage

As many of you know, I have long enjoyed the company of red factor canaries - these beautiful little birds fill my home with their wonderful singing. I keep them in a large wooden cage I designed after an antique one that came from France, originally used to house doves and quails. An identical cage houses a pair of Combassou finches. My friend, Ari Katz, a young and passionate avian enthusiast, saw the cage and was inspired to design a similar one for his small flock. I was so delighted, I asked him to share his story and his photos. Enjoy.

After first meeting Martha’s red factor canaries, I decided that my farm would not be complete without them. My canary yearning was intensified after Martha's granddaughter, Jude, showed me the beautiful cage that they reside in at Martha’s Bedford, New York farm. From what I gathered, Martha designed the cage and continued to make improvements and modifications throughout the years. After Jude finished the canary cage tour, I took some pictures and sent them to my good friend, Tom Roebuck. Tom, aside from holding an impressive job with the Marine Corps, is an incredibly talented woodworker and carpenter. Tom is also my chicken breeding partner; together, we breed White Wyandotte large fowl under the name K&R Wyandottes (Katz and Roebuck).

I asked Tom if he thought he could replicate something like what Martha had designed and built. He told me to send him the dimensions and some of Martha’s original designs. I did both and after a few days, he sent me a "prototype."

Thank you, Martha, for giving me a good original design and for encouraging me to get canaries. I thoroughly enjoy having them in my apartment with me at college. As I jokingly say, they are good roommates and excellent “study buddies.”