January 17, 2020

Pruning Osage Orange Trees

Many pruning chores are underway at my Bedford, New York farm.

Here in the Northeast, the winter weather has been pretty mild - daytime temperatures have been in the 50s, and in some places even 60s. My outdoor grounds crew has been taking advantage of the warmer conditions and crossing off lots of tasks from our list, including blowing late-season leaves, picking up piles of branches in the woodlands in preparation for chipping, and pruning the long row of Osage orange trees along the fence of one of my horse paddocks. The Osage orange, Macular pomifera, is actually not an orange at all and is more commonly known as a hedge apple, bow wood, or bodark. The fruit is wrinkly and bumpy in appearance, and considered inedible because of the texture and taste, but they're very interesting and fun to grow. 

Here are some photos, enjoy.