March 5, 2020

A Fence Project at My Farm

A big fence project continues at my Bedford, New York farm.

So many of you have commented on how much you love the 100-year-old white spruce fencing that surrounds my pastures. I purchased all the antique railings from Canada, and when the fences were built here in New York, we used new cedar uprights to support them - they've held up so well over the years. Last autumn, I decided to move the fencing along the outer sides of my long Boxwood Allee 10-feet to give the boxwood more room to grow. It is a tedious process - most of it has to be done by hand so as not to disturb the plantings or damage the antique wood. I enlisted the help of Carlos Trigueros and his crew from Trigueros Family Farm Inc. in nearby Brewster to do the job.

Here are some photos.