May 18, 2020

Caring for My Boxwood at the Farm

Our spring gardening season is very busy - my outdoor grounds crew, gardeners, and I are all working very hard to keep everything looking its best.

As you know, I love boxwood, Buxus, and have hundreds of these bold green shrubs growing all over my Bedford, New York farm. I take very special care of these specimens - they are regularly pruned and groomed, and in winter they are covered in a layer of protective burlap. I also spray them monthly with TopBuxus Health Mix, which prevents the fungal disease called box blight and provides the plants with rich nutrients that restore new green leaves and strong branch growth.

Enjoy these photos and my short video.


And here's a short video of me spraying Topbuxus in the Allee using my Fimco sprayer - yes, Martha knows how!