May 28, 2020

Planting Trees in My Japanese Maple Grove

This season's tree-planting project continues at my Bedford, New York farm with a group of young, healthy Japanese maples.

Every year, I try to add a few interesting and rare trees to my Japanese Maple Grove. I love this area of the farm and my gardeners, outdoor grounds crew and I have been working hard to keep it looking its best - weeding and cleaning the beds, pruning and grooming all the trees, and edging the carriage road. Not long ago, I purchased several more of these remarkable trees to add to my collection. With so many cultivated varieties available, one can find suitable specimens, which will grow beautifully in sun, shade, containers, and even bonsai. These trees provide countless variations in size, leaf shape, and color - I am looking forward to watching them develop in this shady woodland.

Enjoy these photos.