August 27, 2020

Cleaning the Chicken Coops and their New Feed from Family Fresh Nutrition

My flock of more than 200 chickens at my Bedford, New York farm, plus my geese, and Guinea fowl are all thriving because of the great care they receive day-to-day - clean coops, room to roam, fresh water, and good, nutritious food.

Chickens are not difficult to keep, but it does take time, commitment and a strong understanding of animal husbandry to do it well. Aside from providing lots of fresh greens from my garden, I also make sure my hens get good quality whole grains. Recently, I started giving them Family Fresh Nutrition Organic Egg Layer Pellets - a new feed made entirely without the use of pesticides, commercial fertilizers, or genetically modified organisms. I am always interested in trying new and more healthy products for all my animals. I am happy to report, my chickens are very happy with their new pellets.

Enjoy these photos.