August 7, 2020

A Guest Blog from Ari Katz on His Gardens

There is always so much to learn from a well-tended garden.

My young friend, Ari Katz, enjoys gardening just as much as I do and has designed several beds at his family’s farm. During a recent phone conversation, we talked about our love for gardening and I encouraged him to take some photos and write up a guest blog. Ari loved the idea and said it would be fun to talk about how his passion developed. Enjoy his story. 

I have always appreciated gardens and gardeners. I believe I got this appreciation from my grandfather who was an avid gardener at his home on Long Island, New York and in Palm Beach, Florida. In fact, he was known by all his neighbors and friends as the “rose man.” Shortly after my family bought our farm outside Washington, DC, I began adding my own gardens to the property. Becoming close with Martha has provided me with a cornucopia of knowledge and wisdom for which I am incredibly grateful. I always know that Martha is just a phone call away with the answer I need or to help me with my next project.

I started planting gardens on my family’s farm two years ago. When we bought the property, there was not a single garden or flowering perennial - can you believe that?! After researching what would do well in my climate and designing the layout of each garden, I began constructing. Due to the current state of the country, Martha cannot come down to Washington to see them in person, so here are photos of my ever-changing and expanding gardens.