October 31, 2020

Using a Tub Grinder at My Farm

One of the most important areas on my farm is my giant compost yard.

During the year, my outdoor grounds crew amasses quite a large pile of organic debris - bark, logs, stumps, and brush. All of it is collected in one area and then either repurposed as milled lumber or left to decay and made into garden dressings, such as mulch and compost. To help with the process, I like to call in a tub grinder once a year or once every two years depending on how much there is to recycle. This large piece of machinery grinds the material into usable wood chips. I use the hardworking team from Material Processors, Inc., located in Warwick, New York. Once all the wood has gone through the tub grinder, it is passed through again to make it even finer and then mixed in with aged horse manure and chicken droppings to create nutrient-rich "black gold."

Enjoy these photos from the tub grinder's recent visit.