November 25, 2020

Southport Cookie Company

If you're looking for unique and delectable cookies to give as gifts this holiday season, please consider ordering some from Southport Cookie Company - I assure you, you'll want some for yourself too.

Southport Cookie Company launched last month and is owned by Pastry Chef Robert Twardzik - a master baker and cookie decorator. Robert, who makes some of the most stunning treats I have ever seen, now offers a new line of cookies - his renditions of the great American classics - cookies such as Derbydoodles, Lemon Chiffon Creams, Chocolate Chip Creams, Butter Crunch Cookies, Gingerbread, and more. Each cookie is made by hand, individually packaged, and then shipped or personally delivered within three to five business days. Yesterday, we visited his working kitchen in nearby Southport, Connecticut where he shared some of his baking techniques and decorating tips.

Here are some photos, enjoy.