March 6, 2021

A Late-Winter Visit to the Chicken Coops

Spring officially begins in just two weeks. The days are already getting warmer and lighter - and my chickens are laying more and more eggs.

I hope you saw my egg photo on my Instagram page @MarthaStewart48. On that day, 43 eggs were laid by my gorgeous, plump hens. In general, chickens lay eggs year-round; however, they do slow down considerably in the winter because of the decreased light. Chickens lay best when exposed to at least 14-hours of natural light a day, and when fed good, nutritious foods including lots of greens. Depending on my busy work schedule, I try to visit all the animals at my Bedford, New York farm every morning. Among my stops is the poultry-yard where all my beautiful chickens, Guinea hens, and geese reside.

Enjoy these photos.