April 12, 2021

Planting Azaleas

Another exciting garden transformation is underway at my Bedford, New York farm.

I decided to make a few changes along one side of the carriage road between my Summer House and my stable. My gardeners and outdoor grounds crew started by planting a group of evergreen shrubs and trees - I shared those photos in a recent blog. Next, I wanted to add some colorful azaleas - pink, orange, crimson and white. I purchased them from Hardscrabble Farms, a family run wholesale nursery here in Westchester County. I already have many azaleas growing and flourishing in this area. I love azaleas. Of all the shrubs that flower in spring, azaleas provide some of the most brilliant displays. And, they can thrive in a wide variety of growing conditions, which makes them useful in so many different landscapes. They will look stunning when in bloom.

Here are some photos, enjoy.