August 11, 2021

Visiting My Five Donkeys

Some of the most popular residents at my Bedford, New York farm are the donkeys - Rufus, Clive, Billie, Jude “JJ” Junior, and Truman “TJ” Junior.

This quintet spends most of the day outdoors in a paddock just down the carriage road from my home. Like many animals, donkeys are happiest when outside where they can roam free, roll on the ground, play, and graze. When guests tour the gardens, they always make a stop to greet the donkeys and take a few snapshots.

Here are a few of our latest photos plus a video of the two youngest playing with their Jolly Ball, enjoy.

Some donkeys love to play with balls. The donkeys have several Jolly balls in their enclosures. Sometimes they will bite, throw and run with these balls - it's a fun way to expend energy and provide good mental stimulation. Here, my stable manager, Helen Peparo, catches Truman "TJ" Junior trying to get Jude "JJ" Junior to play ball with him.