September 3, 2021

Cleaning up at the Farm After Hurricane Ida

Clean-up continues today at my Bedford, New York farm after the remnants of Hurricane Ida barreled through the Northeast with furious, wind-driven rain, and flash flooding earlier this week.

It’s heartbreaking to see so many images of areas ravaged by this storm. In New York City, Ida halted train service, flooded apartments, and caused extensive travel delays. A record-breaking 3.1 inches of rain fell in Central Park within an hour. Tornado warnings were issued across parts of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. Fortunately, my farm escaped major damage. There was extensive runoff on the carriage roads, a good number of young trees were pushed over by strong winds, and we lost several branches, but everything here can be fixed, and my outdoor grounds crew is working very hard to get things back into shape. If you were in Ida's path, I hope you and your families are safe.

Here are some photos.