October 26, 2021

The Damariscotta PumpkinFest & Regatta

The annual Damariscotta PumpkinFest & Regatta draws about 15-thousand visitors every year. If you're ever in the mid-coast region of Maine during the first couple weeks of October, I encourage you to stop and visit this fun event.

The Damariscotta PumpkinFest & Regatta features a downtown display of volunteer-carved and decorated American Giant pumpkins. The pumpkins are delivered and placed in front of a sponsoring business, decorated on site, and then prominently displayed for 10-days. I passed the festival on my way home from a recent trip to Skylands, my beloved summer residence in Seal Harbor. My longtime special projects producer, Judy Morris, who accompanied me on the visit, but traveled separately, also drove through the small town on her way to see family and took a few snapshots. There was a total of 57 decorated pumpkins of various sizes for all to see.

Enjoy these photos.