December 9, 2021

Protecting My Dahlias for the Winter

My dahlia tubers are now well-protected for the winter... I hope.

When in bloom, dahlias provide some of the garden's biggest and most spectacular flowers in many different sizes, forms, and colors. However, native to Mexico, dahlias are not winter-hardy and tend to split in freezing temperatures or mold in soggy, wet soil. In most areas outside the warmest regions of the United States, dahlia tubers must be dug up and stored or covered before the cold season. In previous years, we've always uprooted our dahlias and kept them indoors for the winter.  This year, in an effort to find an easier and more efficient way to protect them, we covered the entire bed with burlap and a very thick layer of hay - in hopes that it is enough to ensure we have viable plants come spring.

Here are some photos, enjoy.