January 10, 2022

Afternoons with My Peafowl

Here at Cantitoe Corners, my Bedford, New York farm, afternoons are for the peafowl.

It’s always such a joy to see these gorgeous birds growing and thriving. They are curious, friendly, and love to wander the premises, foraging for food and checking out all the activity. Peafowl usually travel in groups and often play together, especially under the sunlight. I currently have 17 peacocks and peahens that live in a pen near my stable. Every day around lunchtime, they are let out of their enclosure for a few hours to roam and explore. They love to walk between the paddocks, and up to my greenhouse. They also visit my Winter House terrace to see if I'm home. And then just before sundown, they walk back to their safe and warm coop.

Enjoy these photos and the short video.

In this video, two mature peacocks are displaying their stunning and iridescent tail feathers. It is not quite mating season yet, but these birds are strutting back and forth shaking their feathers and hindquarters to produce a rattling sound for the females.