February 23, 2022

My Horses Get a Visit From their Lay Equine Dentist

A comprehensive preventive health care program for horses should always include regular dental visits.

Twice a year, my horses are seen by their lay equine dentist, Brian Stuart. Unlike human teeth, equine teeth are constantly growing, which means their bites are always changing. Because of this, it is very important for a horse’s mouth to be examined for any sharp edges or misaligned molars. The process of correcting these conditions is called floating - filing or rasping an equine’s teeth so that chewing surfaces are smooth and properly contoured for eating. These days, power floating has become a popular method, but I prefer the all-natural, more traditional hand filing process. Yesterday, Brian came to my stable to check on all my horses, including the newest residents, Geert and Hylke.

Here are some photos.