March 1, 2022

Painting Inside My Tenant House Using a Limewash Finish

If you're looking to refresh a room, but don't want to purchase new décor, consider giving it a new coat of paint - even a subtle change in color can totally transform a space.

Not long ago, I decided my Tenant House, the guest house where my daughter Alexis and her children stay when they come to visit, needed an update. I chose to repaint the kitchen, living room, and the bedrooms using a limewash finish. Limewash is made from limestone that’s been crushed, burned, and mixed with water to make a lime putty and then colored with natural pigments. Using limewash is a centuries old technique that creates a slightly mottled and matte appearance with a chalky texture, almost like suede. We used limewash from Domingue Architectural Finishes, which offers beautiful, natural soft shades and the rooms look fantastic.

Enjoy these photos.