April 30, 2022

A New Table for My Pavilion

I have a new outdoor space for entertaining family and friends here at my Bedford, New York farm.

Last fall, after cutting down a large yew tree at my former East Hampton home, I decided the lumber would make a beautiful table for my new pavilion outside my pool. To make it, I called on the help of master artisan Peter Billow, owner of Peter H. Billow Fine Woodworking in Brooklyn, New York. Peter's experience with yew was limited to veneer, but he researched the wood's properties and behaviors and got right to work. Peter started with milling and cutting, and then moved on to the process of joining, planing, gluing, balancing, and then finally sanding and finishing. It took several weeks to complete, but I am so pleased with the final result and exquisite woodwork.

Here are some photos, enjoy.