April 14, 2022

Staking the Herbaceous Peonies

The gardens at my Bedford, New York farm are changing every day.

One of the most anticipated sights on the farm is my herbaceous peony garden in full bloom. No garden is complete without these beautiful plants, which are covered with large, imposing flowers in May and June. True perennials, herbaceous peonies can live for 100-years, becoming more impressive over time. Yesterday, my gardeners and outdoor grounds crew staked all the herbaceous peonies in the bed across from my Winter House. At maturity, these plants grow to about three-feet tall and need good support, so the massive flower heads don’t flop over once they bloom.

Here are some photos, enjoy.

Here's a short video showing the bed now, with all the stakes and twine ready for the season. Now we just wait for this garden to bloom.