April 28, 2022

The Blooming Daffodil Border at My Farm

Brightly colored daffodils are blooming at my Bedford, New York farm. And looking at the swaths of white, orange, and yellow narcissi blowing gently in the breeze always makes me so happy.

I started developing my long daffodil border in 2003. Since then, I’ve expanded the collection, and after lots of careful planning and planting, the border now extends the length of one side of my property from the Summer House, behind my azaleas, past the stable, and down to the Japanese maple woodland. And, because daffodils naturalize easily, more and more blooms emerge each spring. Together with jonquils, daffodil flowers belong to the genus Narcissus - there is no major difference, all are the same.

There are so many varieties planted in my daffodil border. Here are some photos, enjoy.