May 25, 2022

More Planting in My New Azalea Grove

Developing a garden takes a lot of planning, time, and patience, but come next year, I'll have more gorgeous azaleas blooming than ever before here at my Bedford, New York farm.

Last weekend, I purchased 150 beautiful azaleas from White's Nursery in Germantown, Maryland. White’s Nursery specializes in azaleas as well as rhododendrons. All the plants are for my new azalea grove - a garden I designed along two sides of the carriage road between my Summer House and my stable. We've already planted more than 370 azaleas in this area - shades of pink, orange, crimson, yellow, and white. I just love azaleas! Of all the shrubs that flower in spring, azaleas provide some of the most brilliant displays. I am so excited to see this garden mature.

Enjoy these photos.