June 30, 2022

Baby Chickens, Baby Guinea Fowl, and Baby Peafowl

It’s always so exciting whenever we have babies here at the farm. Inside my stable feed room we currently have three peachicks, two chicks, and five keets, plus more youngsters in an outdoor enclosure.

I’ve been raising chickens and other fowl for quite some time. I love keeping chickens for their fresh, delicious eggs, but I also enjoy raising other birds and learning about the different breeds and varieties. Earlier this week, five keets and a peachick hatched in my kitchen where I keep a small incubator specially designed for eggs. My friend, Christopher Spitzmiller, also gifted me with two Burford bronze peachicks, eight young Buff Orpingtons, and four lavender Araucanas. They will all be great additions to my flock.

Here are some photos - enjoy.