August 4, 2022

Blog Memories: Visiting Turkey Hill

Here's an encore blog I originally posted after a memorable visit back to Turkey Hill, my former home in Westport Connecticut, in June of 2017.

I am so happy to share photos with you from my very special visit to my former Connecticut home.

Over the weekend, I traveled about 30-minutes to nearby Westport and to Turkey Hill, the place I called home for more than 30-years. I was invited there to lead a tour and to speak at a fundraising event for Positive Directions, a community-based, not-for-profit organization offering alcohol and substance misuse prevention and counseling services. Casey Berg, the current owner of Turkey Hill, is a member of the Positive Directions Board. Of course, I was thrilled with the opportunity and excited to see how my old home had changed. As many of you know, Turkey Hill was a dream place for my family and me. I learned so much from all the work we completed there - all by ourselves, without the use of outside contractors. We restored the home, built new structures, developed the landscape and designed the gardens and borders. Turkey Hill was my original farmhouse and my first 'laboratory', where my ‘empire’ began. It's been featured in my magazines and on my television shows. I would not be who I am today without the vast knowledge I gained at Turkey Hill.

The Berg family made what I started even better - the home and the gardens look amazing. I am so happy this special place is in their care. Here are some images from my wonderful visit. And please tell me what you think about Turkey Hill's evolution in the comments below - I'm excited to hear from all of you.