August 15, 2022

Moving My Peafowl Coop

We have many summer projects going on at my Bedford, New York farm - among them, moving my peafowl coop, so it can support new fencing above the enclosure to keep my birds safe from wild predators.

I have grown quite fond of peafowl and have my own ostentation that includes several peacocks and peahens that I hatched right here in a specially made incubator. My peafowl live in a spacious yard adjacent to my allée of lindens not far from my stable. They also have a sizable coop. Last week, my property manager, Doug, along with Pete and Fernando from my outdoor grounds crew, carefully moved the coop 25-feet toward the center of the pen. And they did it "the old fashioned way" - by using aluminum pipes to roll the structure forward.

Here are some photos and a short video from the move, enjoy.

Here's a short clip showing the coop moving into place.