September 21, 2022

Grooming the Topiaries in My Winter House Courtyard

Here at my Bedford, New York farm, we're all busy with late season gardening chores - most recently, grooming the Australian Brush Cherry topiaries, Eugenia myrtifolia, in the gravel courtyard behind my Winter House.

Topiary is the horticultural practice of training perennial plants by clipping the foliage and twigs of trees or shrubs to develop and maintain clearly defined shapes. Topiary Eugenia prefers sunny locations where all parts of the plant can receive direct sunlight. It is relatively slow growing, so occasional trimming and grooming are needed to keep it nicely sculpted.

Here is a short clip of me grooming one of the topiaries with my favorite STIHL HSA 26 Battery-Powered Garden Shears followed by some photos, enjoy.