September 16, 2022

My Growing Garden Maze

The garden maze at my Bedford, New York farm is becoming more and more intriguing with each planted row of greenery.

As many of you know, I decided to take on this fun project earlier this year. I wanted to create a maze of interesting hedges, espaliers and shrubs in the pasture across the carriage road from my Winter House terrace. I started with European beech, European hornbeams, boxwood, and a variety of espaliered apple trees. I designed the maze with different plantings to add texture and interest. All of these specimens will grow tall enough to prevent walkers from seeing the paths ahead. And each row will branch off with various pathway options and dead ends - with only one correct route to the center. Most recently, my gardeners and outdoor grounds crew planted a row of Persian parrotia or Persian ironwood.

Here are some photos, enjoy.