September 1, 2022

My Ostentation of Peafowl, Safe and Sound

My peacocks and peahens are now back in their enclosure, safe from any wild predators.

Over the last few weeks, we've been working hard to improve the security surrounding the peafowl pen. We moved the coop 25-feet toward the center, installed steel posts around the perimeter, and then unrolled and fastened durable fencing fabric across the entire top of the yard. In the wild, all birds also need a safe place to roost - they like to be up high to see what is around them and to escape from predators if needed. Yesterday, we added two new perches inside their coop, where they could roost up high at night. These add to the various perches provided outside - all made from felled or damaged trees here at the farm.

Enjoy these photos and the short video of the peafowl - back home.